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Men & Women's Footwear

We are a full-service shoe repair shop. We do all repair work that is necessary, and that can be done both economiclly and effectively to increase the comfort, appearance and longevity of the item being repaired. If you have repair work not listed below, please  e-mail us for personal service and consultation.

Dress Full Soles & Heels    $50

Dress Half Soles & Heels   $45

Reattaching Soles    Starting at $10/pair

Rubber Heels Boots    $20

Rubber Heel Shoes     $20

Combination Heels    $20

Western Boots Full Soles    $60

Replace boot zipper (ankle)    $15

Replace boot zipper (calf)    Starting at $25

Replace boot zipper (knee)  Starting at $35

Leather Toe Tips    $10/pair

Heel Savers    $5/pair

Shoe Liners   $10

Heel Pads    $10/pair

Restitching Soles    $15

Hand-stitching Top Leather    Starting at $10

Patching    Starting at $10

Replacing Boat Shoes and Moccasins    $40/pair

Rubber Sole Guards    $20/pair

Resoling Birkenstock Sandals     $40/pair

Replace Sock Liners    $10/pair

Tassel Replacement    Starting at $10

Boot Calf Customization    Starting at $30

Stretching    $5

Calf Stretching    $10

Reconditioning Leather    $15

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